Spin Columns



Spin Columns Designed for Quick and Safe Transfer

Spin Columns

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Spin columns allow commercial DNA extraction in molecular biology laboratories. They comprise a silica resin that selectively binds DNA or RNA depending on the factors involved in the extraction method. As a result, you are left with high-quality material for cloning and long-range sequencing.

Technical Features:

  • The material of the membrane: Silica gel.
  • These mini spin columns are useful for samples, including E Coli, agarose gel/PCR products, serum plasma, tissue, and whole blood.
  • With the right layers of membranes, you can extract various DNAs, including Plasmid DNA, DNA fragments, Viral DNA/RNA, and Genomic DNA

Material of filterLevelsPackagingCat No.
Silicon4100 pcs/BagSG1104
Silicon6100 pcs/BagSG1105
Silicon8100 pcs/BagSG1106
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