25mL Centrifuge Tube



- maximum centrifuge force up to 12,000xg - clear graduations and highly visible marking areas - Nonpyrogenic and DNase-/RNase-free

Centrifuge tubes

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Placed in centrifuges, these glass or plastic tubes can hold samples while rotating at very high velocity without spilling them. Also known as centrifuge vials, you can use them to segregate solids from liquid biochemical solutions. They look a lot like mini test tubes owing to their tapered bottom. 

Scientists often use centrifuge tubes for separating solids, liquids, and gases, depending on their density. You can separate solid particles from liquids such as plasma and blood cells. You can do it by spinning centrifuge vials carrying the material at a very high speed. It allows the centrifugal force to push heavier materials to the bottom of the tubes.

Technical Features:

  • We use virgin polypropylene to make centrifuge tubes. It is an exceptionally chemical-resistant material.
  • They are autoclavable with the ability to endure the temperature of up to 121°C.
  • They can withstand high centrifuge speeds with 15ml tubes enduring up to 12,000g while 50ml tube enduring 9,500g.
  • With white graduation and a large blank area, it is easy to write on these centrifuge tubes.
  • To avoid confusion, tube caps are available in different colors.

SizePackagingTypeCat No.
25 mL25 pcs/BagConicalSG1065
25 mL25 pcs/Foam RackConicalSG1066
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