Universal Pipette Tips



Autoclavable pipette tips (121°C) suitable for repeated sterile use.

Pipette Tips

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Researchers often use pipette tips in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories with pipettes and pipettors for transferring precise volumes of liquids. The low retention pipette tips allow you to make transfers without the risk of cross-contamination. They can be disposable and autoclavable media dispensers. 


  • Autoclavable pipette tips (121°C) suitable for repeated sterile use.
  • Excellent compatibility with leading pipette brands such as Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, RAININ, and Finpipette, among others.

Technical Specifications:
Currently, Smart Biotech Labs offers seven sizes of universal pipette tips, including 10ul, 10ul (long tip), 200ul, 1000ul, 5000ul, and 10000ul.
All our products are autoclavable pipette tips made from high-quality virgin polypropylene that can withstand 121°C temperature. 

Pipetting Glossary:
Graduation – It is volume marked in increments, which allows you to estimate the liquid volume.
Low Retention – Low retention pipette tips reduce sample retention, keeping the wastage to a minimum.
Micropoint – This design allows you to place the liquid where you exactly need it.
Long Reach Design – A prolonged length of pipette tips that allows you to transfer liquids without touching the bottom of the tube. It helps prevent cross-contamination.

SizePackagingColorCat No.
10 uL (Short)96 tips/RackNatureSG1007
10 uL (Short)1000 tips/BagNatureSG1008
10 uL (Long)96 tips/RackNatureSG1009
10 uL (Long)1000 tips/BagNatureSG1010
200 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1011
200 uL1000 tips/BagNatureSG1012
1000 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1013
1000 uL1000 tips/BagNatureSG1014
1250 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1015
1250 uL1000 tips/BagNatureSG1016
5 mL96 tips/RackNatureSG1017
5 mL1000 tips/BagNatureSG1018
10 mL96 tips/RackNatureSG1019
10 mL1000 tips/BagNatureSG1020
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