Universal Compatible Filter Pipette Tips



Smart Biotech Labs supplies six different types of filter pipette tips, including 10ul-1250ul.

Filter Pipette Tips

Filter pipette tips serve a dual purpose. They protect pipettes from the aerosols that may build up while aspirating fluids using a pipette. At the same time, they also protect samples from the aerosols resulting from a previous pipetting procedure. 

You must use filter pipette tips in all contamination-sensitive molecular biology applications. It helps reduce the possibility of aerosol formation and shields pipette shafts from cross-contamination. Furthermore, the filter barrier prevents PCR contamination by avoiding sample carryover from a pipette.

Smart Biotech Labs supplies six different types of filter pipette tips, including 10ul, 10ul (long tip), 20ul, 200ul, 1000ul, and 1250ul. 

Currently, almost all tips are universal compatiblity with eppendorf, Gilson and other brands of pipettes, single channel and multichannel.

All tips are produced in clean room and using robots to equip the filters. Human hands don't touch any part of the tip, in this way, it ensures PCR purity: DNase and RNase free, No human DNA, endotoxin free.

Technical Features:

  • As the filter inside the pipette tips is made of porous plastic material, it stops aerosol formation and allows only the sample to pass. However, we also have self-sealing filters that stop all liquid (below the filter) from passing once water touches filter.
  • We have a Class 100,000 clean room for manufacturing universal pipette tips. Our smart production line ensures minimal human contact to create sterile pipette tips. Thus, these filter tips are free of DNase, RNase, human DNA, and endotoxins.
  • The filter rack comes with color-coded labels, making it convenient for you to use them. 
SizePackagingColorCat No.
10 uL, Short96 tips/RackNatureSG1001
10 uL, Long96 tips/RackNatureSG1002
20 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1003
200 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1004
1000 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1005
1250 uL96 tips/RackNatureSG1006
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