Disposable Plastic Inoculation Loops



1uL + 10uL rigid AS Disposable Plastic Inoculation Loops

Inoculation Loop with Needle

Categories : Loop, Needle & Spreader

An inoculating loop, also called a smear loop or micro-streaker, is a tool used by biologists to retrieve inoculum using the phenomenon of surface tension. The loop is used to cultivate microbes by streaking agar in a petri dish or plate for subsequent growth. The size of the loop is consistent assuring accurate and repeatable transfers.

SizeSterileMaterialPackagingCat No.
1 µL + 10 µL, rigidEO/GammaAS1 pc/PackSH1015
1 µL + 10 µL, rigidEO/GammaAS5 pcs/PackSH1016
1 µL + 10 µL, rigidEO/GammaAS10 pcs/PackSH1017
1 µL + 10 µL, rigidEO/GammaAS20 pcs/PackSH1018
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