Freezer Boxes



Boxes for 1.5mL / 1.8mL / 2.0mL / 5.0mL cryogenic vials or tubes

Freezer Boxes

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Cryo storage boxes are ultra-low temperature storage boxes that you can use to hold cryogenic vials or tubes. They have a long life and are autoclavable. They come with a transparent cover that allows researchers to see the contents easily.

Technical Features:

  • Made of polycarbonate or polypropylene, can be repeatedly frozen and thawed
  • Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • 5x5 (25-well), 9x9 (81-well), or 10x10 (100-well) boxes available
  • Compatible with 0.5ml, 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes and cryogenic vials
  • Boxes feature numbered grids for sample identification
  • Drain holes and air vents minimize condensation
  • Assorted colors available
  • Suitable for storage in mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen for PC boxes
  • Suitable for storage in mechanical freezers for PP boxes
  • Temperature range: stable from -196°C to 121°C for PC boxes
  • Numbered grid for sample identification

WellColorDescriptionMaterialCat No.
81Yellowfor 1.8mL Cryo Tubes, 9 x 9 arrayPCSB1017
100Whitefor 1.8mL Cryo Tubes, with hinged, 10 x 10 arrayPPSH1024
100Whitefor 1.8mL Cryo Tubes, with hinged, 10 x 10 arrayPPSH1025
25Orangefor 1.5mL/2.0mL Cryo Tubes, 5 x 5 arrayPCSG1077
81Bluefor 1.5mL/2.0mL Cryo Tubes, 9 x 9 arrayPCSG1078
100Whitefor 1.5mL/2.0mL Cryo Tubes, 10 x 10 arrayPCSG1079
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