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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Tubes (-196 °C)

Cryo Tube

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Cyro tubes are storage tubes that help protect and organize valuable samples, as well as streamline the sample identification process. They can be used for storing human or animal cells, and biological material at temperatures as low as -196°C. These tubes are best stored in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.

Technical Features:

  • Made of medical grade polypropylene
  • Colored caps optional
  • O-ring secures a perfect seal tightness
  • Conical bottom and Self-standing type
  • Can be repeatedly frozen and thawed
  • Universal screw threads
  • Tubes fit most common rotors
  • Volume 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 1.5ml, 1.8ml, 5ml
  • Non-sterile, Sterile both are available
  • Autoclavable to 121°C and freezable to -196°C

SizeThreadPackagingCat No.
1.0 mLExternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1001
1.0 mLInternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1002
2.0 mLExternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1003
2.0 mLInternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1004
3.0 mLExternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1005
3.0 mLInternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1006
4.0 mLExternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1007
4.0 mLInternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1008
5.0 mLExternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1009
5.0 mLInternal Thread100 pcs/BagSB1010
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