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Researchers often use PCR plates in high-throughput screening thermocycler applications due to their compatibility with most thermal cyclers. The uniform and thin walls enable a precise thermal transfer. The wells are often raised slightly to accommodate sealing mat, film, and foil. They are also autoclavable.

You can find different types of 96 well plates such as non-skirt, half-skirt, 0.2ml, 0.1ml, nature color, and white PCR plates. We can help you choose the right PCR plat, depending on your requirements. 

SizeTypeColorPackagingCat No.
0.1 mLNon-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1092
0.1 mLNon-SkirtWhite15 pcs/BoxSG1093
0.2 mLNon-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1094
0.2 mLNon-SkirtWhite15 pcs/BoxSG1095
0.1 mLHalf-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1096
0.1 mLHalf-SkirtWhite15 pcs/BoxSG1097
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1098
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtWhite15 pcs/BoxSG1099
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1100
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtWhite15 pcs/BoxSG1101
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1102
0.2 mLHalf-SkirtNature15 pcs/BoxSG1103
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