Serological Pipettes



Medical-Grade Plastic Serological Pipettes, Individual Wrapped

Serological pipettes

Categories : Serological Pipettes

Serological pipettes are extremely efficient when it comes to mixing cell suspensions. But, you can also use them to mix reagents and chemicals. These pipettes are useful in moving colonies of cells for additional analysis during treatment or isolation of cell cultures. Furthermore, you can use these pipettes to layer reagents to create density gradients like a ficoll gradient that refines blood plasma.

Technical Features:

  • Easily identified with color code
  • Optical-grade polystyrene (PS)
  • Cotton plugged for safety
  • 2 graduation mark
  • Individual wrapped
  • Accury: ±2%
  • Sterile, non-Pyrogenic, Dnase/Rnase free

SizePackagingMin. graduationColorCat No.
1 mL300 pcs/Box1/100 mLYellowSG1080
2 mL300 pcs/Box1/100 mLGreenSG1081
5 mL200 pcs/Box1/10 mLBlueSG1082
10 mL200 pcs/Box1/10 mLOrangeSG1083
25 mL100 pcs/Box2/10 mLRedSG1084
50 mL75 pcs/Box5/10 mLPurpleSG1085
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