Reagent Reservoir Chiller, 100mL, pk2



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Ice-free, non-toxic way to extend working period and preserve integrity for temperature sensitive reagents

  • Reagents are kept at less than 5°C (41°F) for approximately 3 hours
  • Extends working period and preserves integrity for temperature sensitive reagents
  • Engineered custom fit design for Heathrow Scientific 50 or 100 mL reservoirs to ensure a maximum contact for longer uniform cooling
  • Ice-free solution eliminates the risk of contamination from messy ice baths
  • Stackable, save space when storing in the freezer or on the bench top
  • Symmetrical cooler design allows reagent reservoirs to be mounted in either direction
  • Assorted packs for color coding options
  • Non-toxic blend of water and bacteriostatic agent chills and freezes quickly
  • Made from sonic welded, engineered polypropylene that ensures a leak free design
  • Not intended for autoclave, do not use with liquid nitrogen 
  • Reusable, two-year warranty


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Reagent Reservoirs and Chillers

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