Magnetic Induction Stirrer replacement Silicone Plate Mat


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Magnetic Induction Stirrer
Strong, motor-less and maintenance free

Superior Functional Design

  • Advanced magnetic coil technology drives the spinning of the stir bar maintaining continuous, constant speed for reproducible results
  • Magnetic coupling is optimized by using alternating current (AC) as its driving force strong enough to stir viscous solutions
  • Motor-less operation generates minimal heat ideal for stirring temperature sensitive samples and environments for long periods
  • With no moving parts, produces less vibration and quieter operation over traditional magnetic stirrers

Intuitive Operation

  • Multiple stirring modes are easy to program
  • Bright digital display precisely controls time and speed
  • Quickly meets stirring speeds with rapid acceleration and braking (less than 10 seconds)


Speed Range: 10 to 2,000 rpm variable, 1 rpm increments
Time Run Range: 30 seconds to 60 minutes, variable, 1 second increments or continuous
Stirrer Mode: Single Clockwise, Single c. Clockwise, Auto Reverse Rotation (1 to 99 cycles 50% duty)
Capacity: 3 Liters Plus
Mixing Surface: 165 mm Diameter, Silicone Mat 160 mm Diameter
Weight: 1.13 kg (2.50 lb)
Certifications:  CE, SGS (US, CA), ROHS3 and WEEE
Five Year Warranty

Package includes:

  • Magnetic Induction Stirrer
  • 2 Stir Bars 35 mm x 12 mm, Cylindrical Shape
  • 1 Silicone Anti-skid Plate Cover
  • 1 Low Voltage, Double Insulated Power Adapter (110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) with 4 Interchangeable Plugs

Product Documents

Download Magnetic Induction Stirrer Brochure

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