15ml PP (17x121mm), flat screw cap, 50/sterile bag


SKU : C2601

500 pcs / Pack

10mL Centrifuge Tubes

Whenever 15mL is too much and 5mL is not enough, MTC’s new 10mL screw cap conical centrifuge tube is the perfect compromise.

In addition to the obvious reduction in freight costs, storage space and plastic waste, the reduced height makes 100% sample recovery possible. This also reduces the cross-contamination risks associated with accidental contact between the pipette and the inner wall of 15mL tubes.

These new tubes are generally compatible with 15mL centrifuge rotors, racks, block heaters, etc. MTC Bio 10mL centrifuge tubes can withstand up to 12,000xg maximum RCF* and are supplied sterile, certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free. Packed in bags of 50 tubes with screw caps attached.

*Refers to liquids with a specific gravity of 1.0, using appropriate rotors, cushions and adapters.


  • Closes gap between 5mL & 15mL tubes Save on shipping charges and storage space
  • Printed graduations From 1.5mL to 10mL (0.5mL increments) 
  • Reduced height (compared to 15mL) Minimizes shipping, storage, and waste
  • Compatible with MTC C4015 Adapter For cell straining and easy filling
  • Sterilized bags of 50 tubes RNase, DNase, & Pyrogen free

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