Cryo storage box, polycarbonate, for 25 (5x5) 5mL tubes


SKU : C2581

5 pcs / Pack

Freezer Boxes for 5mL MacroTubes®

MTC Bio’s 5mL MacroTube® Cardboard Freezer Boxes are made of recyclable material, with a liquid-resistant outer coating. They are shipped fully assembled and are available in a 5×5 version that holds 25 x 5mL Snap-Cap tubes or a 6×6 version that holds 36 X 5mL Screw-Cap tubes. Each box has liquid nitrogen drainage slots and numbered grid markings in almost every conceivable location (top, bottom, sides, etc.).

  • Attached hinged lid
  • 5×5 version for 5mL Snap-Caps
  • 6×6 version for 5mL Screw-Caps
  • Alpha-numeric coding
  • Polycarbonate box fits 25 x 5mL tubes
  • Polycarbonate box usable temp range is -196° to +121°

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