Screw-Cap Microtubes, 1.5ml, sterile, O-ring, blue screw-caps attached


SKU : C3150-S

1000 pcs / Pack

SureSeal™ Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

SureSeal™ sterile screw-cap microtubes come in a variety of sizes, cap configurations, and graduation options. Made from ultra-clear polypropylene, these screw cap microtubes include assembled caps with silicone o-rings that assure a leakproof seal from -90°C to +121°C. All SureSeal™ screw cap microtubes are sterile, autoclavable, RNase, DNase, & pyrogenfree. The microtubes and their accompanying caps are polypropylene and may be centrifuged at up to 22,000xg.

• Ultra-clear polypropylene
• Gamma sterilized
• Leak-proof O-ring seal
• Sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen free

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