Centrifuge tube



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DURAN® Centrifuge Tube with conical bottom 60°

  • Very resistant to mechanical loading
  • Due to the conical bottom even small amounts of solids can be collected and separated
  • The angle of 60° enables the detection of small quantities of solids


Product Overview

One of the most important basic process engineering methods is the separation of mixtures of substances. This working method includes centrifugation, which exploits the concept of mass inertia. A mixture of substances to be separated is filled into centrifuge tubes, placed in a centrifuge and rotated. Due to the high rotation speed, heavier particles are pushed outwards faster and further away than the lighter ones. This results in separation based on the mass or density of the individual material components. Centrifuge tubes are used for centrifuging. Here a separation of the mixture of substances takes place due to the density of the individual components.

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