Flask volumetric Amber



ปริมาณสินค้า (Quantity) (ml)

DURAN® Volumetric Flask Class A amber, batch certificate
with graduation mark and ergonomic polyethylene stopper white print with batch certificate and certificate of conformity

  • complies with ISO 1042
  • UV protection due to external colouration; very durable and chemically resistant amber colour
  • The only external application of the colour ensures that internal surfaces have standard DURAN® glass properties
  • Calibration based on the poured in volume (“In”) at a + 20 °C reference temperature
  • Outstanding precision during volumetric measurement and high-quality process stability
  • Thanks to the exact processing and precisely calibrated scales, they permit the highly accurate determination and measurements of volume
  • Supplied with ergonomic polyethylene stopper for easy and safe tightening or removal
  • The volume content tolerances conform to accuracy Class A
  • Fired-on, highly durable white print
  • With printed ring mark for better visibility


Product Overview

Volumetric flasks are available in two different accuracy Classes: Class A and Class B. The two Classes differ in the accuracy of measurement with Class A being the highest accuracy, and Class B is approximately half that of Class A. The volumetric flasks with accuracy Class A have a blue print for clear glass products and a white print for amber versions. Volumetric flasks with a batch number and accuracy Class A are supplied with a batch certificate. This certificate documents the mean value obtained from measuring the batch in question, the standard deviation and the day of issue. The batch certificates can also be retrieved online. The batch number consists of four digits. The first two numbers specify the production year, and the following two numbers specify the batch, e.g.: 18.01. DURAN® volumetric flasks are used for the accurate measurement of specific quantities of liquids. They are volumetric analysis aids in quantitative laboratory work. These volumetric flasks are certified batchwise.

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