Erlenmeyer Flask



ปริมาณสินค้า (Quantity) (ml)

DURAN® Erlenmeyer Flask, narrow neck

  • complies with DIN ISO 1773
  • Easy mixing due to conical form
  • Easy-to-read scale with graduation marks to estimate the content
  • Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic


Product Overview

Thanks to their exceptional properties, such as excellent chemical resistance, nearly inert behaviour and high usage temperature, the original DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks are ideal for use in laboratories. Moreover, the uniform wall thickness, minimal thermal
expansion and the resultant high thermal shock resistance are outstanding characteristics. Therefore, DURAN® Erlenmeyer flasks are particularly suited to use with very high temperatures and fast temperature changes. Due to conical shape, the flasks is used for mixing liquids.

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