Desiccator Lid, 300 mm


SKU : 24420-69

DURAN® Desiccator Lid with standard ground outlet NS 24/29 (type NOVUS)
suitable for all types of bases

  • complies with DIN ISO 13130
  • Tight closure due to standard ground joint
  • Suitable for all types of bases
  • NOVUS type with standard ground joint (NS 24/29) junction tube in the lid

Product Overview

The DURAN® desiccator is a vacuum-suitable laboratory vessel with a ground lid, which is used for storing moisture-sensitive substances and for drying moist products. Separated by a sieve plate (made of metal or porcelain), a drying agent is introduced into the lower part of the desiccator base, which binds the moisture of the substance to be dried, placed on the sieve plate. To accelerate the drying process, a vacuum can be connected if necessary, as the liquid evaporates faster due to a lower pressure in the desiccator. The vacuum is applied via a shut-off valve connection. To facilitate loosening of the lid, the surface grinding of the desiccator must be well greased, since after evacuation the lid is pressed onto the lower part. All DURAN® desiccators are vacuum-resistant, i.e. they can be used up to the technically maximum possible vacuum. The desiccator lid is used to cover or seal the desiccator base.

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