Deposible tube, 15 ml


SKU : 23172-109

Disposable Culture Tube straight rim
from soda-lime glass
  • Culture tubes with straight edges can be closed with metal caps or cotton plugs to allow air exchange
  • The straight rim permits the use of Kapsenberg and metal caps


Product Overview

The in vitro cultivation of animal and plant cells in a nutrient medium is an essential part of today's research in the field of microbiology. These cultivation approaches can take place at different scales - the vessels are selected accordingly. For test runs, rather small vessels such as culture tubes are used. In addition to culture tubes made of DURAN®, our product range also includes culture tubes made of soda-lime glass. This is a glass of the third water resistance Class And belongs to the category of soda-lime glasses with a high proportion of alkali and alkaline earth oxides. Culture tubes are used for growing cultures from liquid media.

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