HPLC screw cap


SKU : 11298-12

Blue GL 45 PP

DURAN® HPLC Screw Cap 4 Tubing Connectors
Blue GL 45 PP
  • Connection of different hose diameters (1.6 and 3.2 mm)
  • Unused ports can be sealed with silicone blanking seals
  • Optional sterile pressure equalisation sets (membrane filter 0.2 µm)
  • Complete system comprising: DURAN® pressure plus laboratory bottle with 4-port screw cap (PP); four screw connections (black, M8 thread) and silicone seals available



  • Screw cap HPLC, GL 45
  • 4 ports
  • complete (GL 45 screw cap, 4 x M8 black screw caps, 12 x silicone seals for 1.6; 3.2 mm tubing or blanks)


Product Overview

The DURAN® HPLC bottle is available as a ready-made system. This comprises a special pressure and vacuum resistant bottle and a screw cap with 4 ports. This enables 3 stations to be served at the same time from one vessel. At the same time a sterile pressure equalisation can be fitted to the fourth outlet. Screw cap for pressure and vacuum resistant bottle for HPLC applications.

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