Filter crucible, 50 mL


SKU : 25851-34

DURAN® Filter Crucible, Capacity: 50 mL
  • Filter crucibles do not have a stem so that the crucible can be safely set down and, for example, the collected solids can be dried
  • Narrows towards the base and reduces potential contamination of the rubber sleeve
  • From DURAN® glass with its good thermal shock and chemical resistance
  • Fired-on, highly durable white print


Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. Filter chutes are filters that are used for solid-liquid separation by means of vacuum. Filter crucibles have a glasssinter bottom which serves as a filter medium and does not require any further filter paper. Filter crucibles are also filter crucibles. They differ only in the absence of the stem. However, this allows a safe positioning of the filter crucible and further working steps such as the drying of the filter residue on the filter in a vacuum desiccator. Filter crucibles are filters that are used like filter chutes in solid-liquid separation by means of vacuum. They are particularly suitable for precipitation, which must be dried to a constant weight.

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