Ultra-flat Mini Magnetic Stirrer--Kingkong


SKU : MI0102001D

The 'King Kong’, FOUR E’s Ultra-flat Mini Magnetic Stirrer with tempered glass top, touch-key and OLED display, is one of the most compact stirrers in the market. Powered by the most advanced magnetic coil technology which allows for wear-free drive, the 'King Kong' provides excellent mixing performance for volumes as large as 1 Liters at speeds ranging from 10 to 1500 rpm. The model comes in three colors: Black, White, Black & White.

Typical Applications:

  • Agitate the liquid for speeding up the reactions or improving mixtures
  • Commonly used for experiments in chemistry and biology industry


  • OLED display provides easy reading of the speed and time.
  • Touch key is more user-friendly and durable
  • Special black tempered glass set-up plate is waterproof, shatterproof; very easy to clean and dissipate heat.
  • The most advanced magnetic coil technology allows for wear-free drive without moving parts
  • Automatic reverse rotation every 30 seconds provides excellent mixing performance.
  • Max stirring quantity [H2O] of 1000ml
  • Speed range of 15-1500rpm
Stirring positions1
Working plate materialTempered glass
Speed range [rpm]10-1500
Max. stirring quantity [H₂O, ml]1000
Motor rating input [W]5
Motor rating output [W]3
Max. stirring bar [mm]25
Set-up surface [mm]Φ100
Permissible ambient temperature[°C]5-40
Permissible relative humidity80%
DIN EN60529 protection classIP65
Voltage [VAC]100-240
Frequency [Hz]50/60
Input power [W]6
Dimension [W x D x H, mm]117 x 12 x 180
Weight [kg]0.3



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