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Precision balances 
enable fast and accurate determination of mass 
in laboratory and industry. The devices are equipped with an internal battery which allows their operation in places where there is no access to the mains.
The balance 
features a stainless steel weighing 
pan, and a backlit LCD guaranteeing clear weighing 
result presentation. 
Communication interfaces: 2×RS232, USB type A, USB type B. The interfaces enable cooperation with peripheral devices, e.g. printer, computer, USB flash drive, additional display. The WLC balances 
feature real-time clock and ALIBI memory. Optionally, they can be equipped with 4 IN / 4 OUT.

Control of sample's mass carried out with reference to specified MIN and MAX thresholds. The weight is considered to be correct if it is comprised within threshold values. A graphic visualisation of weighing result is displayed in a form of a bar graph.

Percent Weighing function is used for comparision of measured products with mass standard. Mass of a mass standard may be a numeric value taken from a database or it may be determined through a measurement process. Each measured product is compared to mass standard, mass of which is presumed as a model 100% ideal mass. For products weighing less than the mass standard, obtained results are lower than 100%, for products weighing more, the obtained results are greatly  exceeded.

Function adding new mass value to already obtained one. This allows to determine mass content of the mixture, being a composition of number of different consistence components. Totalizing is limited by maximum capacity parameter.

Function using mass measurement for determination of  measured items quantity. Mass of a single item is required for this process. It may be either estimated through weighment or taken from a database. For items counting the following algorithm is used: all items mass / single item mass = quantity. Function operation is supperted by a mechanism of Automatic Correction of Accuracy. This allows to update single item mass in course of the process. To a certain extend Automatic Correction of Accuracy eliminates error which may be a result of different mass values of seemingly alike single elements. For industry solutions items counting may be simultaneously carried out with checkweighing and dosing thus industry solutions feature audio signalling base informing that specified number of items has been weighed. It is possible to apply weighing systems using few platfroms of different MAX capacities and different accuracies.

Internal and rechargeable battery of SLA 6 V type (sealed lead acid) enables device operation without connecting the device to the mains (9h operation). The weighing instrument controls battery status and displays a respective pictogram on the screen.

Function registering the greatest temporary indication occurring in course of the weighing process. It is most often used in medical scales in order to hold the measurement indication.

The solution enables weighing with use of a stand, which is advisable for loads of non-standard shapes and dimensions and those that generate magnetic field.

Maximum capacity [Max]
2 kg
Readability [d]0.01 g
Tare range-2 kg
Repeatability0.01 g
Linearity±0.03 g
Stabilization time
3 s
DisplayLCD (backlit)
Protection classIP 43
Communication interface2×RS232, USB-A, USB-B, Wi-Fi® (option)
Power supply100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz and battery
Operation time on batteries15 h (average time)
Operating temperature+15 ÷ +30°C
Relative humidity10% ÷ 85% RH no condensation
Weighing pan dimensions195×195 mm
Packaging dimensions470×380×336 mm
Net weight2.8 kg
Gross weight4.3 kg

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.
Repeatability is expressed as a standard deviation from 10 cycles of mass standard weighing.
Stabilization time depends on the ambient conditions and the dynamics of weighing pan loading; specified for FAST profile.


Technical specification

User Manual - WLC

User Manual - CBCP

Data Sheet

Conformity Declaration,w1,W6C,101-102-107#1


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