Vortex Mixer


SKU : iSwix

Categories : Neuation Vortex Mixture

Brand : Neuation

iSwix caters to every requirement of the user. Along with superior performance and reliability, we have class leading features like inbuilt counter balance, optional attachments and IP21 rating for an exceptional user experience. Its non-corrosive body assures a long and durable performance.

  • Visual indication marker for max speed with attachments
  • Adjustable speed range upto 2800 RPM with an accuracy of +/-5%
  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space and can also be used inside hoods and cold rooms
  • 3-way switch for touch, continuous & stand-by mode for unmatched convenience
  • IP21 compliant design makes it spill safe

Max Speed : 2800 RPM
Orbital diameter : 4 mm
Motor type : AC Motor
Max Load Capacity : 500 gm
Speed accuracy : ± 5%
Different modes Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode :  Touch, Stand-by & Continuous mode
Dimensions : 205 x 136 x 138.5 mm
Power Supply : 220 –240VAC, 50Hz
Ambient temperature : 5 to 400C
Weight : 3 kg
Optional Attachments (not included) : Universal platform for attaching either microplate or
microtube or flask Attachments


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