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Linear & Orbital Shaker, Rocking Shaker, 3D Shaker

Categories : Onilab Lab Equipment Shakers

Brand : OniLab

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Model / Size
Cat No.P/NDescriptionsPower supply
8052422100SK-D3309-ProLCD Digital 3D Shaker (including of a platform 18900155), angle 9°(package contain in the box)USA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz

Cat No.P/NDescriptions
18900027SK330.1 Universal attachment with 4 bars
18900028SK330.2  Fixing clip attachment
18900040SK330.3 Lengthways roller attachment
18900155SK330.5 Dish platform with non-slip mat and fixed string(8 pcs)
18900036  Bar for SK330.1 Universal attachment,black
18900025SK180.1  SK 180.1 Universal attachment with 3 bars
18900026SK180.2  SK180.2 Fixing clip attachment
18900038SK180.3 SK180.3 Lengthways roller attachment
18900185SK180.4 SK180.4 Dish Attachment with non-slip mat
18900200SK180.5 SK180.5 Dish Attachment with non-slip mat 200*300mm
18900326SK180.6 SK180.6 Dish Attachment with non-slip mat 280*280mm
18900037  Bar for SK180.1 Universal attachment,black
18900029SK180.2.1 /SK330.2.1  Fixing clip for flask volume 25 ml
18900030SK180.2.2 /SK330.2.2 Fixing clip for flask volume 50 ml
18900031SK180.2.3 /SK330.2.3 Fixing clip for flask volume 100 ml
18900032SK180.2.4 /SK330.2.4 Fixing clip for flask volume 200/250 ml
18900033SK180.2.5 /SK330.2.5 Fixing clip for flask volume 500 ml
18900280  Connect sticks for double dishes shaker 1/pK

Key Features

  • Three-dimensional rocking motion with an angle of 9°
  • Max. load capacity is 5kg with platform
  • Speed range of 10-70rpm
  • Double LCDs for independent display of time and speed
  • Various of platform accessories


Tilt angle
Max. load capacity (with platform)5kg
Motor typeDC motor
Motor input power40W
Motor output power24W
Time settings range1min-19h59min
Speed range10-70rpm
Speed displayLCD
Timer displayLCD
Protection classIP21
Dimension [W x D x H]360×430×106mm
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity5-40°C 80%RH

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