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Model / Size
Cat No.P/N DescriptionsPower supply
4050110100SP-UV1000 200~1000nm Tungsten lamp &Deuterium lamp, including 4 glass square cuvettes and  2 quartz  square cuvettes(package contain)110/220 V AC,
50/60 Hz, 80 W

Cat No. Descriptions
18900331 4-cell holder for 10mm squ.cuvette
18900332 4-cell holder for 10mm to 50mm squ.cuvette(A)
18900333 4-cell holder for up to 100mm squ.cuvette(A)
18900334 cylindrical cell holder (ø16mm) (A)
18900335 10mm water-jacketed 1-cell holder (A)
18900336 10mm water-jacketed 4-cell holder (A)
18900337 Micro cell holder
18900338 Test tube holder (ø8-Ø22mm)(A)
18900339 Solid sample holder (δ1.5mm--3mm,1-POSITION)(A)
18900340 8-position auto cell changer
18900341 12V20W Halogen lamp(PHILIPS)
18900364 Professional software
18900368 Square Cvettes.Glass 10mm , set/4 pcs
18900369 Square Cvettes.Glass 20mm, set/4 pcs
18900370 Square Cvettes.Glass 30mm, set/4 pcs
18900371 Square Cvettes.Glass 50mm, set/4 pcs
18900372 Square Cvettes.Glass 100mm, set/4 pcs
18900373 Square Cvettes.Glass 1mm, set/4 pcs
18900374 Square Cvettes.Glass 2mm, set/4 pcs
18900375 Square Cvettes.Glass 3mm, set/4 pcs
18900376 Square Cvettes.Glass 5mm, set/4 pcs
18900377 Square Cvettes.Quartz 10mm, set/2 pcs
18900378 Square Cvettes.Quartz 20mm, set/2 pcs
18900379 Square Cvettes.Quartz 30mm, set/2 pcs
18900380 Square Cvettes.Quartz 50mm, set/2 pcs
18900381 Square Cvettes.Quartz 100mm, set/2 pcs
18900382 Square Cvettes.Quartz 1mm, set/2 pcs
18900383 Square Cvettes.Quartz 2mm, set/2 pcs
18900384 Square Cvettes.Quartz 3mm, set/2 pcs
18900385 Square Cvettes.Quartz 5mm, set/2 pcs

Key Features

  • User Friendly Operation and Information Rich LCD Display: The large  128  x  64  dots, backlit LCD screen with adjustable brightness control displays a large array of data also in graphical format.
  • On-Board Data Storage: The System can save the test results, up to 200 groups of data and 200 standard curves in the RAM memory.
  • Data can be restored after a sudden power failure.
    Auto setting wavelength: To set wavelength automatically to calibrate the system through arrow keys to avoid operation errors.
  • Automatic Switching: Tungsten& Deuterium lamps switching is automatic. Selectable from a wavelength range of  190 to 1100nm.
  • Large sample compartment: To accommodate 5–100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders. A variety of optional accessories are available.


Optical SystenSingle Beam
Light SourceTungsten lamp & Deuterium lamp
Spectral Bandwidth4.0nm
Wavelength Range200-1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy±2nm
Wavelength Repeatability≤1nm
Photometric Range-0.3-3.0A, 0-200%T
Photometric Accuracy±0.003A@0.5A,
Photometric Repeatability≤0.0015A@0.5A,
Stability≤0.002A/h @500nm (after preheat 2 hours)
Stray Light≤0.2%T@220&360nm
Sample Compartment4-position,10mm pathlength cuvette
Display LCD
Output USB Port&Parallel Port (Printer)
Power110/220VAC, 50/60Hz,120W
Dimension (L×W×H)490×360×210mm

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