Cryogenic Vial, 2D Barcoded, 1.4mL

SKU : T6101 - 130300

Ordering info

T61011303001.4mL SBS Racked 2D Barcoded Sample Storage96/rack,12racks/box, 4boxes/case
  Cryogenic Vial, Screw Cap, Sterile 
T61021313001.4mL SBS Racked 2D Barcoded Sample Storage 96/rack, 12racks/box, 4boxes/case
  Cryogenic Vial, Push Cap, Sterile 
T61031304001.4mL SBS Racked Sample Storage Cryogenic Vial, 96/rack, 12racks/box, 4boxes/case
  Screw Cap, Sterile 
T61041314001.4mL SBS Racked Sample Storage Cryogenic Vial,96/rack, 12racks/box, 4boxes/case
  Push Cap, Sterile 

Product Feature:

  • Made of USP Class VI Polypropylene in GMP 100,000 grade clean room
  • Integrated O-ring for better sealing without leakage.
  • Using 2K injection molding technique so that the black code cannot be separated from the tube
  • Laser etched code is stable without fading or deformation
  • Available with 2D Data-Matrix code and customization
  • Non-pyrogenic, free of endotoxins and cytotoxicity 
  • Gamma sterilized to level SAL 10-6

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