Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, TC Treate (ฝามีรู + Filter)

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SCF-12-05050mL 25cm² Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, Surface Treated, Sterile10/bag, 200/case
SCF-12-250250mL 75cm² Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, Surface Treated, Sterile5/bag, 100/case
SCF-12-600600mL 175cm² Cell Culture Flask, Vent Cap, Surface Treated, Sterile5/bag, 40/case

Sorfa cell culture products are manufactured from raw materials of high transparency polystyrene, achieve USP Plastic Class VI. The main products are cell culture flask, cell culture plate, cell culture dish. TC treatment has a major influence on cell adherence and growth and ultimately influence experiment results for cell culture. Meanwhile, non-treated products apply to suspension culture. All Sorfa cell culture products are sterilized by Gamma irradiation to achieve SAL level 10-6 and they are all RNase-free, DNase-free and Non-pyrogenic. 
Cell Culture Flask 
Sorfa cell culture flasks (also named tissue culture flasks) are designed in three types of area for cell culture: 25 cm2, 75cm2 and 175cm2. The engraved graduation on both sides helps users to fill accurate medium. Marking area is made to identify flasks for different purpose and ridges on the top make flask easy to stack. Sorfa angled design of neck is easy for pipette access into touch each corner of flask.
Caps are categorized to plug seal cap and vent cap. Plug seal cap usually applies to airtight culture. In addition, it’s suitable for open culture when unscrewing cap. Vent cap is designed for open culture for it includes one piece of hydrophobic membrane of pore size of 0.2 um. Membrane prevents gas from contaminating in the process of exchanging. It’s recommended to use CO2 incubator for vent cap, special for long-term cell culture.

  • USP Plastic Class VI Polystyrene                      
  • 25 cm2, 75cm2 and 175cm2                      
  • Suspension culture and adherent culture for choices.  
  • Vent cap and plug seal cap for choices.
  • RNase-free, DNase-free
  • Non-pyrogenic, Non-Toxic
  • SAL level 10-6



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