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Model / Size
P7700-1NextPette™ variable volume pipette 0.1 to 1.0ul
P7700-10NextPette™ variable volume pipette 0.5 to 10ul
P7700-20NextPette™ variable volume pipette 2 to 20ul
P7700-100NextPette™ variable volume pipette 010 to 100ul
P7700-200NextPette™ variable volume pipette 20 to 200ul
P7700-1000NextPette™ variable volume pipette 100 to 1000ul
P7700-5MNextPette™ variable volume pipette 0.5 to 5ml
P7700-10MNextPette™ variable volume pipette 1ml to 10ml
P7700-CARNextPette™ Carousel
P7700-T10M10ml Pipette Tips, 100/pk
P7700-T5M5ml Pipette Tips, 100/pk
P7700-S1(includes 4 pipettes: P7700-10, P7700-20, P7700-200, P7700-1000, P7700-CAR)
P7700-S2(includes 4 pipettes: P7700-200, P7700-1000, P7700-5M, P7700-10M, P7700-CAR)

The Accuris product development team has over 25 combined years of experience in the precision liquid handling business.  We were assigned the challenge to create a next generation pipette, to be the lightest and most ergonomic that we have ever introduced, without compromising performance or durability.

Introducing the NextPette:

  • Market leading accuracy & precision.
  • One handed volume adjustment.
  • Convenient volume lock.
  • Easily visible, 4 digit display.
  • Ergonomic, thumb shaped plunger button.

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