InstaView™ Electrophoresis System


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E1201-EmyGel InstaView™ Complete Electrophoresis System with Blue LED Illuminator, 230V input
E1200-EmyGel InstaView™ Gel Tank with Blue LED Illuminator, 230V input
E1200-CS1Extra casting set for 10.5x10cm and 10.5x6cm gels. 

Includes stand, trays, E1101-COMB1 double-sided combs
E1101-COMB1Extra double-sided combs, 22/12 teeth, for E1200-CS1 Casting Set, pk of 2

Accuris Instruments has taken innovation to the next level with their new InstaView™ electrophoresis systems.  These systems make the whole process of running DNA gels, viewing DNA bands and documenting results easy.  All without removing the gel.

  • View DNA migration and separation as it happens
  • Blue light illumination – won’t damage DNA
  • Capture high resolution images without removing the gel from the tank




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