SmartDoc™2.0 Smart Phone Imaging and Gel Visualization


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E5001-SDB-E      Accuris SmartDoc 2.0 System with Blue Light Illumination Base, 230V
E5000-MATSmartDoc UV Blocking Mat
E5001-535SmartDoc band pass filter, 535nm, for imaging Green Stains on UV transilluminator
E5001-590SmartDoc band pass filter, 590nm, for imaging EtBR on UV transilluminator
E5001-ORANGESmartDoc Orange photo filter, for imaging Green Stains on Blue Light Illuminators
E5001-OCOrange viewing cover

Introducing the SmartDoc 2.0 (Item no. E5001-SDB). This complete system has been developed for safely viewing nucleic acids in agarose gels and also for capturing quality digital images with a smart phone camera.  Blue light is used instead of UV, which is safer for lab personnel and will not damage DNA samples.

  • Imaging enclosure works with all common smart phones
  • System includes blue light illumination base, orange viewing cover, and orange photo filter
  • Ideal for common safe stains (SmartGlow™, SYBR Green, GelGreen™, etc.)
  • Visible blue light will not damage DNA
  • Gel viewing and gel access for DNA band cutting
  • Optional amber viewing glasses, for band excising 
  • Imaging enclosure can also be used on existing transilluminators
Technical Data
Maximum Gel Size:15 x 15cm
Excitation Source:High Intensity Blue LED
Photo Filter:Orange PMMA, 12mm Aperture
Viewing Cover:Orange PMMA, 18 x 18 cm
Phone Compatibility:iPhone™, Android™, etc. (Smart phones and tablets with a camera)
Dimensions (W x D x H):9 x 7.5 x 8.6 in / 23 x 19 x 22 cm
Weight:2.6 Lbs (1.2 kg)
Electrical:100V to 230V, 50Hz to 60Hz
Warranty:2 years



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