3D Rocking Platforms (Nutating Mixers)


SKU : B3D1020-E

Includes dimpled mat; ideal for mixing in blood & centrifuge tubes Tri-directional motion for thorough, uniform mixing Optional stacking platforms available Cold room and incubator safe

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Model / Size
B3D1020-EMiniMixer™ 3D Nutating Shaker, fixed speed 10"x7.5" platform, dimpled mat, 230V
B3D1320-EBioMixer™ 3D Nutating Shaker, fixed speed, 12"x12" platform, dimpled mat, 230V
B3D2300-EBenchRocker™ 3D Nutating Shaker, variable speed, 12"x12" platform with 2 mats, 230V
B3D1008-EMini BlotBoy™ 3D Rocker, fixed speed, small 10"x7.5" platform with flat mat, 230V
B3D1308-EBlotBoy™ 3D Rocker, fixed speed, 12"x12" platform with flat mat, 230V
B3D5000-EBenchWaver™ 3D Rocker with flat mat, 13.5x13" platform, 100-240V (European 2 prong plug)


B3D5000-STK Optional Stacking Platform with Flat Mat (4.5” clearance)
B3D5000-DIMPOptional dimpled mat for use with a variety of tubes
B3D-STACKStacking platform, small 10.5"x7.5" with flat mat  (3.0"separation)
B3D-STACK-DStacking platform, small 10.5"x7.5" with dimpled mat  (3.0" separation)
BR1000-STACKStacking platform, large 12"x12" with flat mat (3.0" separation)
BR1000-STACK-DStacking platform, large 12"x12" with dimpled mat  (3.0" separation)
BR2000-STACKStacking Platform, extra large 14"x12" with flat mat  (3.0" separation)
BR2000-SPAdditional platform separators (4 ea.). Adds 1.25" to platform separation
BR2000-FLATFlat Mat, extra large  14" x 12"
BR1000-FLATFlat Mat, large 12" x 12"
BR1000-DIMPLEDDimpled Mat, large 12" x 12"
B3D-FLATFlat Mat, small 10.5" x 7.5" 
B3D-DIMPLEDDimpled Mat, small 10.5" x 7.5"
B0718LaBungee™ 4 cord bungee cord pack  7" to 12" working size


Speed RangeFixed, 24 rpm (230V: 20 rpm)
Tilt AngleFixed, +/- 20°
Platform Size (1020/1320)10.5x7.5 in./12x12 in.
Load Capacity4 lbs (1.8kg)
Operating Temp. Range+4°C to +50°C
B3D1020 Dims (in/cm)10.5x7.5x8/27x19x20
B3D1320 Dims (in/cm)12x12x8/30x30x20cm
Weight4.4lbs (2kg)
Electrical115 or 230V, 50-60Hz
Warranty2 years

These multi-functional shakers provide a 3-dimensional
“nutating” motion for thorough, foam-free mixing in
blood and centrifuge tubes, as well as in a variety of flat
Both models come standard with autoclavable dimpled
mats while optional flat mats are also available for
mixing other vessel types. Stacking platforms can be
purchased as accessories, effectively doubling the
usable surface area of each model.
Even the smallest single platform configuration has
24% more platform work surface than traditional
nutating mixers.
These mixers feature maintenance free, brushless
motors capable of loads up to 2kg and are safe for use
in cold rooms and incubators.



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